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Our Process

Our discreet premium purpose-built car storage facility in Guernsey, provides the ideal secure environment to store your car.  

One level of service, no matter what vehicle.

A process derived from years of experience. No substitutions, just one aim of complete piece of mind. 

We don't believe in offering different levels of maintenance. At Lusso, we offer one level of service for every vehicle. No compromise. 

On Boarding Process


Vehicle Visual check for obvious damage signs (Photographed if necessary)


Vehicle washed and dried, parked in inspection area


Full exterior and interior inspection carried out and photographed using inspection app. This registers customer information, vehicle information, photos and explanation of damage, creates a report which is then emailed to the client and can be digitally signed by them as acceptance.


Once accepted, vehicle is assigned a location bay and ID Number, document created to log storage checks.


Document created with manufacturers tyre pressures, current pressures and overfilled pressures set by us to prepare for storage and give a base figure to monitor pressure loss whilst in storage and future checks.


Fuel levels and other fluids checked.


Battery tested for health capacity via battery app and added to folder (can be emailed to client if required) battery health checks carried out bi annually


Vehicle placed in location bay, drip tray under vehicle, supplied breathable soft cover and trickle charger.


High security, discreet indoor location


Dehumidified, controlled environment (55% RH) maintained and monitored 24/7


Individual, generous sized storage bays for each vehicle


Soft breathable indoor covers supplied and fitted on every vehicle


Automatic battery conditioner on every vehicle 


Daily checks – all storage areas inspected minimum twice daily


Every 7 days – battery charger status and drip tray inspected 


Every 60 days – fluids and pressures checked, engine started, vehicle run up to temperature and moved on private road to lightly exercise mechanical and electrical components. Any defects noted and notified to client with suggested remedy

Maintenance Process

Handover Process

Image by Patrick Langwallner

24 hour minimum notice period required.


Car removed from location and placed in inspection bay.


Vehicle inspected and any protection items removed.


Tyre pressures returned to factory settings.


On collection, release document signed by client to confirm acceptance of handover condition.


If the vehicle is permanently released, the location will be unassigned ready for assigning to a new vehicle. If temporary, the vehicle location is kept free and active on database.

Image by José Pinto

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If you’re interested in our luxury car storage services we’re here to help.

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Phone:  07911 733738

Address: Guernsey, Channel Islands

(We do not publicly disclose our exact location, for the privacy and additional security of our clients and their vehicles).

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